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The Viva boost chair is the perfect solution to all of your office needs. It can be used for sitting, standing or lying down and comes in a variety of fabrics that are sure match any style taste!

2D Headrest

The headrest is an excellent accessory for people who are looking to increase their productivity and focus. The 2D Head Rest ensures that you can spend more time working, without worrying about how uncomfortable it might be!

360° Adjustable Armrest

The usual armrests can only be adjusted in height. But Viva boost’s 360° Adjustable Armrest can not only adjust the height, but also adjust the left and right, front and rear, and inside and outside angles. Suitable for users of different body shapes and hand lengths.

Backrest Front tilting control

Front tilting control allows you to adjust the back of your chair so that it fits just right and lets you get down into some serious work at any time.

Back Tilt Lock Adjustment

With the back tilt function, you can enjoy viva boost in any position. Simply raise up on your control handle and lock it into place for an easygoing experience that’s perfect no matter what setting or situation!

Seat Depth adjustment

The seat depth adjustment is controlled by a knob that allows you to set the required seat depth right.