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Spinemary, The latest office chair from We Space Concept. This sleek and stylish design offers a comfortable function, at an affordable price!


Spring Lumbar Support

Spinemary‘s innovative spring back support can be adjusted to provide the perfect amount of comfort for your spine. For example, when you want to access documents or get up from a seated position it will help keep those pesky aches at bay with its unique design that instantly springs into action!

Unibody Cushion

The Spinemary seat cushion is made with high-quality materials that provide comfort and durability. The unibody foam fits your body better, while also having a sloped edge to give you an even more luxurious experience when sitting on it!

3D Arm Rest

Spinemary‘s 3D Arm Rest will allow you to adjust the height of your arm, as well as changing how far back and which angle faces forward. You can customize this seat for maximum comfort!

Seat Sliding

The seat sliding function is useful for ensuring that we sit correctly and have adequate support of our back. It also helps reduce pressure on the knee, making these chairs perfect if you’re suffering from chronic pain in this area!